HD dome modems radiation pattern

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Radiation Pattern:
I previously contacted peplink support and received a few pictures containing radiation patterns for each antenna. I am in need of some more help understanding what I’m looking at. Seeing the each pattern/image is a little different. Would the orientation of the dome benefit some frequencies over others?

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Peplink Team, are you able to provide the radiation patterns in a similar fashion to those of the Peplink antennas you have available?

@TheMissingLink, do you think this helps - https://www.peplink.com/products/antennas/? Zoom into the antenna you need and check the datasheet.

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Really nice work on those data sheets – they leave no question unanswered.

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Peplink team, could you please share same for HD1 Dome 5G PRO? I would like to know antenna gain over frequencies. Specially at 700MHz gain in order to compare with BR1 Pro with external antennas.