Having trouble setting outbound external IP on firewall

We have a Pepwave Max BR1 mini running 8.1.1. [Edit, just updated to 8.1.2] We want to use it in a passthough mode so the IP address assigned by the wireless carrier is the address of the external interface on our firewall.

First I connected my PC to the “LAN & Console” port of the BR1 and set the settings as IP Forwarding in the Routing Mode and IP Passthrough is checked. I saved that and plugged the firewall into the LAN/WAN port, and unplugged my PC from the Lan & Console port. I then checked the firewall to see what it received as the public IP address. It has a different external address from the BR1, so I’m assuming it still has a NAT address.

Then I unchecked IP Passthrough and as expected the firewall does not get an address at all. So if turning off NAT and allowing IP passthrough don’t provide the firewall with the address the BR1 receives from the cell provider, what am I missing?

Thank you!

Hi m25mark

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I think the error is that you do not have to enable IP Forwarding, only enable IP Passtrought and make the configurations that they ask for, could you try it and tell us how it goes?

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