Having to re-seat SIM's

Yep having the same issue, but with the BR1 Mini’s; Verizon and ATT First Net (not using Band 14).
Re-seating does seam to fix the issue, but highly inconvenient! Two different routers.

  1. Taoglas 5 in 1 exterior antennas (12 inch cable)
  2. SIM1 recognizes the SIM and displays correct info.
  3. Custom APN’s used for both routers. Static IP’s. so01.vzwstatic (Verizon) and psmtfnwl.fn (ATT)
  4. Auto for carrier (have tried manually assigning)
  5. Smartcheck disabled as only one SIM per an earlier asked and answered post.
  6. I have selected LTE only on the Verizon provisioned router (have used auto as well)
  7. Have good signal strength.
  8. 8.1 firmware.
  9. Remote locations where cell saturation does not occur.

This has happened in the past, but relegated to just two routers (Verizon) in Louisiana; got new SIM’s for those; never heard back if it fixed the issue.

Last night was the ATT provisioned router in South Texas. I swapped that router completely out with another one. They popped the SIM in and it has been fine. But…it seems when the router gets powered off at some point and comes back up the issue manifests itself. Usually they would re-seat the SIM and it would come back up. The wrinkle here is I have two of these deployed and one of them does not have this issue; go figure!

I always try and eliminate all the Layer 1 nonsense before I go further in the trouble shooting; hence power cycle/reboot the router, check antenna cables, re-seat the SIM, etc.

FWIW: There were similar issues reported in another thread https://forum.peplink.com/t/br1-mini-cannot-detect-sims/29367/14 and one of the possibilities (based on my experience) was that the symptoms could be the result of a marginal supply of power.

Good luck.


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At first blush I was thinking there was no distance for a voltage drop…but…

This system is powered by a 12 VDC battery bank. We use a low voltage disconnect at 10.7 VDC. We do have a device (DC to DC) that is wired to a computer to maintain constant 13.5 VDC output. Max output of that DC to DC device is 8A. We have room to add the router to that circuit to maintain the constant voltage. In theory that would eliminate voltage as a issue.

Just had to think about that for a minute…