Having separate Vlan ID assignment for SSID (not inherit from LAN) for Balance 310


Our Peplink 310 unit was deployed in drop-in mode.So There is a firewall behind LAN interface of Peplink.
8 AP-Pro 300M unit is deployed…AP Controller mode is enabled on Peplink310. AP traffic is not NATted by firewall .So All AP seems own IP on Peplink dashboard.
I created a guest SSID.And I would like to map GUEST SSID to Vlan 2.
But I could not select any VLAN other than default vlan.Peplink dont allowed to create vlan from LAN settings because of it is in Drop-in mode.
But I can change the VLAN for this SSID from Web GUI of AP Pro.
I think this is a bug. I need a solution.


VLAN configuration is not supported with a drop-in mode deployment as the LAN interface functions as a bridge.


Hi Ron,
Assigning a VLAN to an SSID is a different issue from peplink supports vlan tagging or not.( I assume AP PRO dont send all traffic to directly peplink through gre tunnel such as Aruba AP )
So My switches support vlan tagging.AP Pro should tags ethernet frame then send the switch.I can change the VLAN for an SSID from Web GUI of AP Pro. I should not have to create a vlan on peplink to assign a vlan to SSID on AP PRO. How can you fix it. Otherwise I have to configure each AP individually.


Hi Aytan,

Please go AP -> Wireless SSID to assign Vlan ID to SSID in B310.


Hi Liew,
Im sorry there is no any vlan-id except Default VLAN. I guess I have to create a VLAN-ID from LAN .But I could not create a VLAN-ID on Peplink. Because of Peplink Unit is in Drop-in mode.


Hi Aytan,

Sorry for confusing. Yes you are right. You can’t assign Vlan ID without create Vlan in LAN.

Since you are enabled Drop-in, it is not possible to create Vlan in LAN in B310. Anyway your requirement is doable in B305 and above.


Hi Liew,
I understood now. But You should change config logic about assigning VLAN-ID
Creating a VLAN-ID on Peplink unit and Assiging/creating a VLAN-ID on AP Pro unit should be able to defined individually.
Should I apply a feature-request ? What is your recommendation


Hi Aytan,

I will move this thread to feature request.