Have a Surf SOHO 1E05, hooked up to a Managed PoE switch now

Current firmware: 6.3.5
And can’t get internet now. I’ve ran this thing for a 6-7 plus years using DHCP on I believe. Bought a Netgear JGS524PE - 24 port Gigabit Ethernbet PoE smart managed plus switch.
I a network dummy and now have refreshed my basic skills. I upgraded to some real IP cams and needed to go static. So I dove right in and so far everything is working. I can’t get internet on that computer it’s wired to. I using my main computer, this one, and I’m using wireless on this with no problem.

I ran a network diagnostics and it said something about a bad gateway if I remember right.
So I don’t know if this router has different gateway??? Then again, maybe I’m asking the wrong question.

Your help would be highly appreciated , thanks and
Merry Christmas