Has anyone used a directional WiFi antenna for Max Transit Duo models ?

Has anyone used a directional WiFi antenna for Max Transit Duo models ? Any recommendations.

The plan is to be able to transmit a WiFi signal from a vehicle into a house/building. Omni will no doubt work in some cases but I’m thinking a directional might work better in others.

One option would be to fix a directional antenna on the house-side of this connnection and point it towards you normally park.

What band? 2.4ghz or 5ghz? Or both?

What distance?

ive thought about putting parabolic WiFi antennaa onto the rv pepwave. Or even better Omni as the pepwave antenna I’ve gotten has a 5db Omni WiFi.

if I’m using WiFi as wan along side the AP mode then my AP becomes directional too.
The other problem is mounting and safety for driving at highway speeds.

so for me, something simple, quickly deployable, and maximize equipment usages. I’ve decided on
airMAX PowerBeam M5, 400 mm 25db
airMAX PowerBeamM 2.4 GHz, 400 mm 18db
they each are directional antennas with the radio built-in. It is just a single Ethernet cable that is ran to it that provides the data and PoE power to the device. I can plug into the wan port to bring WiFi IN or on the lan port to broadcast out.

Worth noting im installing my pepwave tomorrow and just ordered both airMax

@DC be careful with newer ubiquiti airmax stuff. certain models do not actually support standard wifi protocols. those parabolics may not work with anything except “airmax”. the older ubiquiti Nanostation’s have high gain directional antenna and will work with regular 802.11 wifi.

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Hi Eric,

Attaching anything to the house/building would be a no-no. What band ? It could be either 2.4GHz or 5GHz, this is a case by case type of thing. The distance is a variable too. Almost too many variables/obstacles quite honestly. It could be in an area with lots of other WiFi signals or with little to no WiFi signals. I have the Pepwave Mobility 22G omnidirectional antenna at this point.