Has anyone tried the Surf SOHO G3 and theVZW Jetpack MiFi 7730L USB TETHERED yet


We’re going to buy a Surf SOHO Gen 3 very soon. We currently have an old Jetpack 5510L which supposedly can be USB tethered–EVDO Info has instructions–not sure if those apply to Gen 3. I may want to upgrade to the 7730L since most reviewers think the 7730 is the cats meow as a hotspot (3 times the speed in some areas)–but I want the secure method of a cable connecting to my laptops when on the road.
The list on Peplink is not updated yet with the 7730.
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Does the Surf-Soho work with the Verizon 7730L hotspot

Please open ticket for us to do driver development for any unsupported USB modem.


It looks like you have already developed a driver–or nothing has changed in the driver requirements from the AC791L.


I just purchased a 7730L and am interested in using it with my Peplink Balance One. Is it just Plug & Play or are there configuration tricks that one needs?


I’m able to successfully connect to the Surf SOHO using the Verizon (Novatel) 7730L via USB; however, it’s still not listed on the Peplink supported modems list (https://www.peplink.com/technology/4g3g-modem-support/).

I also noticed that the latest AT&T Hotspot (Unite Explore / AC815S) is not listed.

Can you please advise on why these latest models from major carrier are not listed / if they’re being tested / when they might be added?



All the reports I have read–the 7730 tethers (charges & transfers data) via USB to the Pepwave Routers. The AC791L was THE Hotspot to buy until the 7730 came along in Jan. We have the SOHO Surf with an ancient 5510L teathered and it too works fine via USB.