Has anyone experimented with wan connection buffer size on VSAT?

Just curious if anyone out there has experimented with the WAN packet buffer size settings for use with any typical VSAT WAN – vsat typically gives you a super limited bandwidth, high latency environment – ~256kbps-512kbps, ~600-700ms latency … In addition to VSAT this kind of environment also exists with the L-Band Inmarsat products – fleet broadband and bgan which have pretty similar deployment characteristics anywhere they are used …I’m pretty unsure how to think about the intersection of:(1) speedfusion(2) very high latency links(3) congestion both from the lan side of the peplink and with other users of a ‘shared’ use isp link which comes without guaranteed bandwidth …(4) qosWould be super curious if any others have a clear way to think of how the interaction of these factors plays out in practice – and any useful tweaks encountered along the way to ensure the best user experience … Cheers

Out of my experience we had only guaranteed dedicated 64k per 1 VoIP channel on HugesNetwork Gateways, and shared channel per anything other IP.

So VoIP experience was ok, all other depends on shared media usage. Also had some sort of T1 as secondary WAN which is was in the very wild area with quality of the lines for DSL so bad that FAX had to be sent almost up to 10 times to get something recognizable, so VSAT was way better compare to that.

So very interesting what you guys will find out. :slight_smile:

i am doing test with this enviroment, voip over vsat, the voice caller have not problems, but fax dont work.
DO you know if exist some equipment that save in buffer the fax data and when this is complete send it to fax machine? for solve tha latency problem.