Hanging On Authentication

This is my second Pepwave (I really like the product), I’m using it with a Sierra Wireless usb modem. Recently my connection seems to be hanging on authentication. When I unplug the modem from the router, plug it directly into my computer in the same location it boots up fine - no issues. Just yesterday I updated the firmware on the Pepwave, and check for updates for the modem (none).
Sometimes it connects, sometimes not. My fear is that there is a problem with the usb port on the Pepwave causing the connection to drop. This modem is under a year old. My next step would be to revert back to factory settings then reboot.
OH yeah - BTW - I’ve not been able to find any way to restore from my config file from backup! I can make a backup, but there is no button to upload it!

Please open a support ticket for further investigation: