Hairpin NAT

I’d like the ability to create a hairpin NAT. For example: allow internal clients to access an internal server using the public address (very useful for customers not running split DNS). Other vendors (sonicwall, juniper, etc) support this.

We have already supported this feature. Once you have configured Inbound Access/Port Mappings/NAT Mappings rules, the internal clients can access the internal server using the public IP address.

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I opened a support case for this yesterday (Ticket# 744765). I was told that Peplink does not support this feature and was directed to this forum to suggest it. I’ve also tested it and it does not appear to work so I must be missing something. I’ve verified the port forwarding is working; external computers can access my internal servers via the port forward yet the internal computers still cannot access using the public IP. What should I be checking?

I am requesting the Diagnostic Report of your unit, please check my response through email.

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Is there any documentation or KB articles that explain how to set up hairpining with Inbound Access/Port Mappings/NAT Mappings rules? I would like to set this up on our Balance 305 to allow our Guest lan to access our OWA server.

There is no special feature to activate it, you will just need to ensure the portforwarding is setup along with being on current firmware:

I am seeing an issue with this when it is NOT the Interface WAN IP. It seems to work fine for services and servers on the Interface WAN IP, but when I try to use a different one, inbound doesn’t work. Doesn’t respond to pings from itself, but it will respond to pings from any external source. Firmware version 8.0.1 build 2695