HA with balance 380 Speedfusion/PepVPN

We have two Peplink Balance 380 in HA (High Availability) on our core location. And we have multiple Peplink One Core on our branch offices connected with speedfusion VPN. Peplink One Core are confugured with remote ID of master Peplink Balance and with public IP address of primari ISP. Yesterday I tested the HA functionality.
First I cut off the primary ISP and all VPN tunnels went down. Few od them established back after some minutes, but most of tem didn’t established. Is it this normal behavior or is the problem of configuration?
Then I did the second test and I cut off the master unit of Peplink. The slave unit take over and become master unit. But the VPN tunnels didn’t established. If I wanted to establish VPN tunnels I needed to manuali change remote ID on all Peplink One Core. I would like to know what is the best practice of configuration, for this scenario.

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The master and slave balance 380 devices should be set to have the same PEPvpn local ID so that the balance one cores are able to authenticate with either of them.

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