Ha vrrp

Hi guys

One question

When I have a Active/Passive HA configuration between two balance, does the backup/passive apliance keep a record or transfers the nat table ?


I’m connected to the internet via the balance (Active)

John’s connection goes via isp1

Adam’s connection goes via isp2

Richard’s connection goes via isp3

Then the Active appliance fails

How does the backup appliance knows from which isp/ethernet port did a certain ip connected to ?

Because if it doesn’t know, all the connections will be lost


Because of the Active/Passive HA configuration, all active sessions will break and need to be re-established once the Passive unit becomes Active. Total fail-over time is typically 10-15 seconds max.

Can we use the balance in a Active/Active HA deployment ?

Peplink Balance only supports Active/Passive HA using VRRP at this time.

And the broken connections, like a download that is authenticated on the source (ip) will re-establish correctly ?

You can also refer to RFC 3768 for more information. The VRRP router that is master will respond to LAN hosts with a virtual MAC address. If the slave becomes master it will initiate the WAN connections and sessions can be re-established for running applications.