I have a pair of Peplink Balance 710’s in HA Master/Slave with config Sync.

I have 2x ADSL Internet Connections which I want to place the modems in Bridge Mode to try and avoid another NAT layer as I have some issues with VPN double NAT

Is it possible to use PPPoE on the Master, and in the event of failure the slave then initiates the PPPoE.

How is it possible for this to happen if the internet connections are connected into a shared switch, I assume I will need to VLAN each ISP into a seperate isolated VLAN

Is this possible, or do I require to either remove VRRP and use a single unit, or forgo bridge mode and use NAT

Picture attached for clarity

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HA of Peplink supports PPPoE connection. Our suggestion is same as your design, WAN1 of Master, Slave and ADSL 1 will share the same VLAN, WAN2 of Master, Slave and ADSL 2 will share another VLAN. In this situation, if Master unit goes down, the Slave unit will initiate the PPPoE connections.


Thanks for the reply.

So can I assume if the Master unit fails, there is the VRRP cutover time + the time it takes for the PPPoE session to re-connect on the second unit

Approx how long should this take?

< 5 seconds
< 10 seconds


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The two Peplink Balance units broadcast heartbeat signals to the LAN at a frequency of one heartbeat signal per second.

In the event that no heartbeat signal from the master Peplink Balance unit is received in 3 seconds (or longer) since the last heartbeat signal, the slave Peplink Balance unit becomes active.

The slave Peplink Balance unit initiates the WAN connections, and binds to a previously configured LAN IP address. The time it takes for a PPPoE connection to reconnect will depend on the provider; however it is normally within a few minutes.


I have 2x FTTH Internet Connect. But time it takes for a PPoE connection to reconnect is three minutes. I want faster reconnect times. Is there any way to optimize the connection of the Slave?