HA Pair status not comprehensive, third "yellow" standby status needed

In HA Pairs, the status could include something like “Standby”. Currently, if a Master is in green status, the corresponding Slave appears red. In HA the Master knows that there is a ready Slave -or viceversa- and for this reason a third yellow status could be more comprehensive, showing that there is a ready pair.

Also, this may be somewhat complex -or not- that Slave unit in standby could be reached via Remote Web admin, allowing for tasks like firmware updates and more.

Slave device will be shown online (green color) in InControl2 and able to access via Remote Web Admin if it was running the latest firmware version.

Hope this help.

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Many thanks TK !
We are about to upgrade many units and accessing Slaves has been problematic with older versions of firmware (6.1.0). Do you know if 6.3.4 would do it?


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Yeah, the requested feature is available in v6.3.4!