HA NIC Bonding

This may be a stupid question but can I utilize NIC Bonding from Balance 305 LAN Port 1-2 to another Balance 305 LAN Port 1-2 for HA?

Then I want to NIC Bond with both Balance 305’s LAN 3-4 to a Cisco SG300-52PP utilizing ports GE25-GE26 for my master 305 and utilize my LAG group then from LAN 3-4 in slave 305 to GE27-GE28 to utilize another LAG group.

I have never set this up with these particular models of firewalls and switches but that should work just fine correct?


Hi TJ,

Are you referring to the following HA connections design ?

The design is working fine.

For LACP port settings, make sure you define the Port Speeds & Duplex mode for both end devices to make sure the LACP is working fine.

Thank You

Got it thanks a lot.