HA NIC Bonding without Third Party Switch

I’ve set up to Peplink Balance 580’s in HA mode, which is working fine. I have LAN 1 of PeplinkA plugged into LAN1 of Peplink B.

I’ve also set up active / active NIC teams in Windows Server 2012R2. For example, I’ll plug NIC1 into LAN 2 on PeplinkA and NIC2 into LAN2 on PeplinkB.

The teams show they are up and healthy, but I’m having strange effects such as RDP sessions randomly timing out even though the server remains pingable.

Is this an appropriate configuration, or do I need to put the NIC bonds in an active / standby mode?

This is more towards on the settings of teaming. Please refer to this link. Please get help from Microsoft if needed.