HA and AutoSync

Hey Guys,

I have:

  1. Cable /29 block
  2. Cogent /29 block
  3. 2 B305’s in HA

*Everything is working great I just was curious about the autosync in HA.

  1. If I assign each B305 it’s own Public from each provider so a total of 2 public from cable and cogent, one into each B305 and turn on autosync is this necessary?
  2. Or could I just assign my master B305 1 public from each of the providers I have, turn on autosync and leave the WAN settings in the slave B305 empty relying on the master B305 to input the exact WAN IP info into the slave when the master goes down?

Let me know if I explained this in a way that makes sense.



Great question. In HA deployments configuration of a master device is all that is required. With Auto-Sync enabled every element of the master device’s configuration will be copied/updated every 15 minutes or so. The exception to this statement is the firmware versioning, firmware updates on a slave device will still be manually required.

I see, good to know, thanks a lot.