H323 Calls Issues inbound BPL-710

I’ve got the BPL-710, and two ISPs WAN links

Have configured NAT inbound towards Polycom RMX1500, BUT when H323 calls come in via ISP-A, they get answered but there is no session outbound. Therefore no H323 traffic is allowed outbound.

I have also tried to use ANY-ANY policies just to make sure I wasn’t blocking any ports but the issue still remains. Without service passthrough the calls are NOT answered.

Anyone suggestions will be greatly appreciated


Does it work if you enable H.323 under: Network> Service Passthrough Support?

The calls land at the MCU (polycom), but no traffic outbound

Do you able to perform packets capture from the B710 to confirm where the H.323 traffics stop at ?

If you having difficulties to work on the packet capture, please open a support ticket here for the team to check.