Guide on the MAX Transit Battery Power Indicator Lights

Q1) What is the USB input power requirement for the MAX Transit?

For the MAX Transit’s USB input specification, the minimum requirement of the power bank is 5V2A output with Micro-USB B connector.

Q2) How does the Battery Power Indicator behave when you plug/unplug the USB power cable?

The left USB power input corresponds to the left Battery Power Indicator.

When you connect the left USB power input, the left Battery Power Indicator will show a green light if it meets the condition, otherwise the indicator will show a red light.


The Battery Power Indicator will remain unlit if there is no USB power input.


Q3) Does it support multiple power inputs simultaneously?

Yes, the MAX Transit supports automatically swapping between the different power sources to keep the device active.


*For stability, we recommend connecting both micro-USB ports to power the MAX Transit.

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