Guide on How to Enable GPS time

In the network environment, many LAN client devices need to synchronize time to keep their functions working. To do this, you will need a secondary source to sync the time when there are no network connections.

Some entry level devices like the MAX BR1 series, UBR, MAX Transit Mini, SpeedFusion Engine, SOHO, etc., are not able to remember the device’s system time because there is no built-in battery. Therefore, you will see the system timestamp “Jan 01 00:01:01” when you start up the device. Once the time synchronization is successful, the device’s system time will follow the time set by the NTP server or GPS.

Now you can use the Peplink device GPS time feature to keep time on track.


  1. A Peplink device with the GPS feature.
  2. Firmware 8.1.0 or above.
  3. The ability to get GPS information from a satellite signal (under open sky).

The steps as below:

  1. Go to “System” → “Time”, and select your time zone*.

  2. Select the time sync method. Peplink supports “Time Server”, “GPS”, and “GPS with Time Server as fallback”.

    *Ensure the device’s time zone is set correctly. This is important for calculating the time as the GPS time does not change the device’s time zone.

3.Deploy the device’s GPS antenna under open sky (or against the window side), then wait for it to retrieve the GPS information.

This is the MAX Transit Mini status screen. We can see that this device is not able to keep the device system time (marked in green) until it gets the updated time from the GPS (marked in red).

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