Guest Portal -

I’m struggling to get the Guest Portal to work for our new Pepwave AP One’s.

The instructions state that :
13. A standard portal page will be generated automatically after guest accounts aregenerated ( You can customize the portal page by clickingon the Portal Page Customization tab, where you can upload your logo image andenter a message for guests. Preview your portal page, then publish it.

When I go to the URL listed, it just redirects to

If I follow the ‘preview’ button on the Guest Portal customisation page, I get the login page but none of my generated logins work.

I’ve previously had a go at setting up the guest portal, with no luck. Hopefully someone can provide me with some assistance to get it finally set up correctly.

Thanks and kind regards


Hi Joel,

May I know what is AP firmware version? Started from v3.4.1, AP will be manages by InControl2.

Thanks for the reply. Both of our APs are on firmware 3.3.10

I’ve just updated the firmware to 3.4.1, and tried to register the device to InControl2, but it’s telling me it’s out of warranty… the device was only purchased four months ago so I’m not sure how that’s the case. Either way, I can’t get the device to work with a guest portal under InControl or InControl2. This was a primary reason for using these devices, so I’m quite keen to get it up and running. Any further suggestions gratefully received. We have three devices, all bought around the same time. One we’re using for testing, and the other two are on a client site.

The serial number of the one we’re using for testing is : 2830-DE44-3BF3

Hi Joel,

Guest Portal is only available on InControl at the moment. So you AP must running v3.3.10.

Do allow me to clarify questions below with you:-

  1. Have you done the Step One: Enable the Guest Portal according to user manual?

  2. Have you done the Step Two: Create Guest Accounts and Set Up a Portal Page according to user manual?

  3. AP settings was synced with InControl?

  4. Can you share how you do the testing?