Ground plane for PepwaVe 42g an Antenna ?

We have an rv and recently purchased the 42g antenna + br1 pro 5g.

should I go thru the effort of installing a ground plane Under the antenna? My dealer sold me a piece of aluminum, but gave me no instructions on how to cut the hole, and how to place the ground plane.

I’m thinking of cutting a 42mm hole, placing that on the roof, then threading the wires down to the br1 pro 5g. ( sealing it all with dicor )

any other suggestions?


There was just a post on this the other week. Look for it. It discussed ground plane and whether it was really beneficial or not.

I’m not seeing it. I’ve searched antenna & ground & plane. Nothing.

any links or keywords are appreciated

I dont know the new forum software is funky when it comes to searching. It was a week or two ago IIRC. Specifically talked about ground planes.


thank you!

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