Grid Parabolic Antenna for AP One

Dear Guys ,

I need some advice. as we know AP One models support detachable antenna so that we can change it. so the questions are :

1- Does it support connecting to a 5GHz 30dBi Outdoor Grid Parabolic Antenna ?
2- if yes , Do we have to choose an AP One model that support 5GHz transmission like AP One Mini ?
3- Do we need an RP-SMA to N-Type converter for attaching such antenna ?

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Technically I would say “Yes” to all the questions you have. But I would like to have some perspectives from my engineering team as well just in case.
Please know that any damages caused by third party antennas cannot be warranted depending on the conditions. I will get back to you as soon as I get updated. Thank you.

I got feedback from engineering. Your scenario shouldn’t have any issues from their perspectives as well. Thank you.

Okay fine. So to close this issue I have a final question in mind :

If connecting to a device like AP One 300 which has 2 antenna connections , which of them should be used to connect the Grid antenna ?

Thanks - Hootan

You would want to get a MIMO antenna so that both connections can be used. The AP One 300M is a 2x2 MIMO so you would need to use both connections for proper operation.


Thanks so much.