Greetings ! new on the block

Hello from NZ. I have just found out about the Pepworld while searching a cellular bonding solution & it seems to be everything I need. So I just wanted to say Hi & it’s good to have come across a useful forum to get myself up to speed before I commit. Thanks & catch up soon. regards CW

Welcome to the Forum and we look forward to your participation!


Thanks Tim. Can you tell me if there is a dealer in NZ. Your resellers list doesn’t list one but this may be a little dated. If not I will need to purchase from Australia.

Hi CW, if you are talking about a stocking dealer in NZ then no we do not. You could check with the Australian resellers, and most products are available for purchase directly from our website.

Thanks -Tim

Thanks Tim
I will check with the Aus dealer. Would love to purchase direct from you guys but your site mentions this is for US & Canadian buyers only.
regards CW