Green light blinking on Peplink Max BR1 Mini

I’m using a Peplink Max BR1 Mini which had been working fine for months. Now green light blinking. Read thru previous posts and have: made sure the Verizon SIM is inserted gold contacts down in A slot; using roof top antenna with all connections tight at back of Mini; tried both reset and unplugging and reconnecting power. None of these attempts worked.

I have a Kenwood CD player/ stereo in the same box as Mini, but this hasn’t been a problem in the past. That said, I disconnected the stereo and removed it from the box and the green light continues to blink.

I do not have an Ethernet cable and I’m on the road in a camper van.

What should I try next?

Thanks so much for your time and help!


Which green light? Assume cellular and you have no internet? Login via wifi and check the dashboard and see what it says, or call your mobile network operator and ask them what they can see.

Thanks Martin! Sorry for the oversight, yes it is the cellular light.

I hate to sound ignorant, which login are you referring to, Peplink’s? I haven’t accessed the dashboard since I installed the Mini.


If you connect via wifi to the BR1, you will likely be able to access the Peplink web admin page on unless the IP has been changed.

have you done that before? Once logged in you’ll see the status of the BR1 and have more clue as to the underlying issue.