Greater Granular Details on Cellular Reports within InControl2 for Pepwave MAX routers

Hello Peplink IC2 Enginnering team,
We have been finding within InControl2 the “Cellular Reports” interesting though we would like to ask for additional data to be captured in order to make them really useful.

We would like to also see captured:

  • Active SIM Card (A or B) being used
  • SIgnal/Mode (ie 3G / LTE / LTE-A / LTE-B / CAT12 )
  • Radio Frequencies in use (ie 700Mhz / 1800Mhz)
  • Band (ie Band 28, Band 5, Band 40)

We understand that this may use additional data and this maybe something for people/organisations to opt into (we would turn it on for almost all of our customers as it can help with trends in diagnosing issues). The advantage is the ability to see more realistily the true signal performace of equipment in the field as the Pepwave MAX routers move arround or cellular towers are worked on, for us this is important as we both support & field trial new systems in remote & dificult locations, it also will allow us to better refine our clients remote systems for them.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: