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Thanks for making my life easy. We used to have a TP-LINK ER5120 quad wan load balancer, it was rather cheap but it did the job. But we constantly were needed to manually reset the modems. We think this is because the load balancer gave up on reconnecting after a few minutes. Also very often the connection is broken but somehow it didn’t disconnect & reconnect, but just said the internet is down. This was really frustrating because we had to go to the modems almost daily (our place is very rural where we have multiple adsl lines that are not really reliable).

We took a risk by purchasing a more expensive load balancer Peplink One core. We were surprised how tiny and light this products was, for the price we expected something else. Well… we connected it and within an hour we were up and running. Some tweaks has been done, but it basically works, and we haven’t had to reset / reboot the modems anymore, because the peplink does it very well. It keeps retrying to connect even after hours. That’s not only impressive, but also very useful.

To conclude, we also like the data that is offered by incontrol. It would be great to have those features also in the device itself. The best information we got are: up and down time of the adsl connections, aggregated report of device usage per period and per device brands.

thanks again making our life easy.

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Thanks for supporting Peplink! :up:

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Happy to hear we have made you life much easier!
Agree with the info from IC2 been available locally on the device but I think its a bit to much data to store on the device and could take up too much memory on the device.
Another option could be daily/weekly/monthly emails from IC2 with uptime/down time and other selectable statistics.
Let us know if we can help you further.

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