Gre tunnel

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Is possible to configurate a GRE tunnel with the MAX BR1( firmware 6.2.0) ? if not which do you recommend? to have a tunnel source and tunnel destination


This is on our road map and we may have a special firmware available. If you could create a ticket with us I can certainly get things over to engineering to discuss.

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Is it possible now to configure a GRE tunnel with the MAX BR1?

You can set the WAN on a BR1 to connect using a GRE tunnel:

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@MartinLangmaid Thansk for your answer. Does the configuration attach a MAC address to the GRE tunnel? (like mapping the ethernet port MAC address to the GRE tunnel)

Actually I don’t know @WeiMing might…

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@dlawrence, GRE configuration doesn’t require MAC address. Do you mind to elaborate more on the statement and share your deployment scenario?

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Hi @WeiMing, Thanks for the answer. I need to map both IP and MAC address to the GRE configuration. The MAC address mapping is important for me (Like this instruction Layer 2 over Layer 3 using Linux built-in features).

@dlawrence, are you looking for something that could be achieved via our Layer 2 SpeedFusion, as explained in one of the article?

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@WeiMing, yes sth like that. The PC should be directly connected via ethernet to the Pepwave device and should be able to communicate with it over layer 2 with GRE. Please note that I don’t want to setup only with VLAN in this case.