Granular E-Mail Notifications, or at least, RATE LIMITED

I have a site running a MAX HD2 that has 3 cellular connections in an industrial complex. Due to forces beyond my control, the 3 connections have weak signal, but I usually have at least 1 line up and active on the SpeedFusion VPN.

I have the unit setup to e-mail me its alarms, so that I can monitor when it goes up, loses VPN, regains VPN, etc. However, these e-mails are just like noise now, as on a stormy night, like last night, I got over 1000 e-mails in an 8 hour period, several sent during the same minute, when one line goes up, one goes down, etc.

I would love to way to aggregate or rate limit the e-mail notifications, to something like “1 e-mail every 5 minutes, and aggregate all error messages into one e-mail”.
Or, a way to continue to get e-mails about VPN status and bandwidth usage, but NOT “this line is up, this line is down”. I have 3 cellular lines because I expect them to go up and down often. I don’t need e-mails to remind me of that fact.

Otherwise, these devices have been great and have proven to be very reliable.

To further expand on this issue. I WAS using a Gmail account to route these alerts. The 1000 emails that were generated last night caused the Gmail account to get frozen for 24 hours, thus killing ALL of my alerts from my other Peplink devices (4 in total) as well. So, I’ve tried to implement our company’s Office365 account ([email protected]) into the e-mail notification option, but it appears that the Peplinks don’t support TLS for the SMTP server connection Since Office365 only will accept SMTP connections on 587 with TLS (not SSL), I’m effectively dead-in-the-water with my notifications.

So, can we get TLS support built into the SMTP interface as well?

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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+1 Here for office 365 support

I am about to buy a Peplink and need this feature and don’t want to have to put SMTP on-site.

For the noise issue, what about an hourly summary of all issues in the hour as an option, therefore in the example from the OP they could get 1 email in the hour containing all the issues from the last hour.

For critical events, maybe limit X number of critical event emails sent in 1 hour, then when the user gets one it’s up to them to check the interface and find what’s going on rather than get thousands of emails over and over.


Feature Request 1. TLS Support
Feature Request 2. Hourly Summary if issues were detected in last hour
Feature Request 3. Limit emails to X per hour

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These are good suggestions and I have submitted the request to dev team for review.


Hi there,

I also face similar situations with to much email notifications from all my peplink/pepwave devices.

This is a very nice feature that keep us informed everytime that there is a status change in any of the routers.

However, sometimes we have to much emails from the units because some of the WAN is up and down all the time (and this is one of the reasons why someone trust in a peplink/pepwave router: one or more internet connections might fail, but if atleast one of the internet connections is On, we never lose internet access).

The main problem of having some many always saying the same thing (WAN down, WAN up, WAN down…), is that we might lose the really important one that is in the midle of al the others.

For that reason, I whould like to have:

  • a better control on the email notifications that are sent. For example, I am more interested in get informed if any of my Speedfusion/Pepvpn links from the main office to remote servers is broken comparing to the information that one of the internet connections in the remote location is down and the second one is up an running. My bigger concern is if all is down and there isn’t any access to my remote locations. So, I would like to be able to chose jus that layer of notification

  • have the option to send emails to a second email address with different options for each. This way, I could keep sending all WAN up/down notifications to email box, where all this information is stored for future analisys, and have a second one that alerts me everytime that I lose access to any of my remote locations.

Best Regards