Grafana Telegraf InfluxDB SNMP and Peplink

Hello Folks,
I´m looing for peoples that are interested in setting up a VM with the TIG stack (Telegraf InfluxDB Grafana) to monitor Peplink devices via SNMP. I´m running a small VM on my laptop to testing basics and it works nice. Our goal is to provide to our customers a personal dashboard for its FusionHUB instances. InControl is not an option for our architecture. The TIG-Peplink VM should be made available for free to anyone intereted in. I´m not a Linux expert, so a collaboration project would be a good way. I guess there will be some others interested in.
One issue I have is how to ad the additional MIBs into Telegraf to monitor the cellular data and other Peplink dedicated metrics.
Hope to find somone to share this project.

Really?? Nobody interested in this topic?

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I’m interested. Just don’t have any time to spend on it. Looking forward to seeing what you make though :wink:

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Are you aware about Telegraf and SNMP? May be you could help with this. Not big deal for some one with some experience in SNMP.

Interesting topics. Hope we can collaborate.

Tutorials → Tutorial - Grafana Monitoring SNMP Devices [ Step by Step ]

Did you manage to pull this out ?