Hi all
i am keen on using the GPS function for live tracking, bit not keen on users logging onto the portal. has anyone successfully used a 3rd party application and offloaded the the live GPS tracking so users do not need to log onto the portal page

Thanks for any help provided

This thread might be helpful:



I have it working with a Free account from GPSWOX. Its been consuming my max transit gps data for a few months now. -Bill

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How did you create a free GPSWOX account? I don’t see anything but paid options… I also don’t see that they support Peplink devices. What settings did you use to add your Peplink to their system and get it working?

I don’t remember doing anything odd. I just went out there to look at it and the website is down and this message comes up.

I rarely go out there, but it was working a few months ago. I found nothing else but this company offering a free account. Try setting up a trial, maybe that is what I did.

Today I was able to get in. My account appears to be gone. I guess they only gave me a year and now there is a $3.00 a month single plan that wasn’t there last time. Bummer. That was the only free place that I could find that worked. -Bill