GPS signal on HD devices


I have some HD2 and HD4 on boats but i dont see GPS position on incontrol 2.
In Br1 i get the GPS position.
Have some where in HD devices where i can see if devices get GPS signal?
HD need conguration for send position in incontrol 2 ?

if you have some advice

Hi Ben4,

Make sure that the GPS antenna is connected to the HD2 or HD4 and has line of sight to any satellite.
If that is working you’ll see a map on the local web admin interface Dashboard page as shown below.
Make sure that GPS location collection is not disabled in the InControl group settings (InControl options).

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thank you for help in incontrol 2 my setting is ok follow your print screen.

but on dashboard in local web admin i dont have this little map on 2 HD4 antenna connected but no GPS position .

where i can seen signal on this antenna?

If the router has a GPS signal it will show the map on the dashboard page.
Make sure the antenna is connected and has clear sight of the sky.
If that is the case and the GPS location still does not show, please raise a support ticket with Peplink.

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Hi Ben,

if you test the device, be shure that it has free sight to the satellites.
In my office for example, it’s not enough to place the GPS antenna outside of the window. I have to hang it out of the window with a tripod and a 2m boom.



thank you for advice