We’re having issues getting GPS data from a freshly installed MAX-HD4-LTEA-WF-T that replaced an HD2. According to the installer, the GPS antenna is hooked up, re-using the old antenna, however the installer noted that there were 2 GPS ports on the back of the unit and 2 GPS antennas were in the box. I’m unable to find any documentation showing 2 GPS ports. Is one of the GPS ports ‘special’ in someway, or can we activate/use both at the same time? Are the antennas compatible between models, or does the new HD4 require the antennas that it came with?
We’re trying to get someone local to move the GPS antenna to the other port, but that may not happen for a few days.



Can you share which GPS port the antenna is connected?


It’s the furthest one to the left, looking at the back of the pepwave. We don’t have a super-clear photo of the back due to obstructions (coax!), so we can’t read the name of the ports. The installer says that they’re both labeled for GPS, and he plugged up the ‘first’ or ‘primary’ GPS port (can’t remember exactly).


Hi Tad,

the HD4 has “only” one GPS Port. I made a picture for you…



That’s a MAX-HD4-LTEA-WF-T? This is the newest model with LTE-A support… the poor photo we have shows an extra SMA between GPS and Main. It LOOKS like it’s labeled ‘GPS’ (which would line up with the installer), so the question becomes how do we use GPS 1 vs GPS 2… Or do we need to switch antennas?


I wont put my hand in fire for my answer…
The difference of devices versions is only the LTE-Modem, not the GPS conections.

So every HD4 has one GPS-Port.


Sorry, the model is actually MAX-HD4-LTEA-W… the ‘F’ is the model with FirstNet support. Still doesn’t explain the mystery GPS port. :slight_smile:


This is related to Support Ticket #792429


I will follow up this case in the ticket.


Hi Ted,
I have to correct my answer. The latest HD4 has 2 GPS Ports.



Support gave us a firmware file for v8 (not sure if it’s a special release or a publicly available version), which allowed the first GPS port to start working.