GPS on MAx BR1

We have a BR1 online in Canada and we like to log the gps and draw it on a map in a webpage ( lets say, do exactly the same as the incontrol2 console shows, but then in our website ). Since it is on incontrol, there must be an api for that.
Is that one available so we can port it into our website ?

Second … We tried to setup gps forwarding to our server. On the server we have netcat listening on port 10000 tcp , but we don’t see any data coming in.

Can anyone help me out here ? Since the map is already on my incontrol2 interface, and i just want that piece in a public website, it can’t be too difficult.

GPS data is sent in the form of NMEA raw data, and you would need to confirm if your application can import this data. At first glance it does not look like netcat does.

What is the maximum servers we can forward GPS signal to?


Maximum 2 servers.

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I need to get GPS data on our server.

I have set GPS forwarding from pepwave webadmin->Advanced->GPS Forwarding port 830, TCP port 80, TCP

And I am trying to get data by php socket IP and port 80

I am not getting any thing.

Can you help me about how to get GPS data on our server.

There are any option, that I can connected router from our server and get GPS information, or you have any API that can give me the GPS data.

can you figure it out any server restriction and setup also.



Please ensure ables to resolve by Max device. You may test via System > Ping. If resolves with correct IP, please ensure the IP is reachable. Else you may add into Local DNS Records via Network > Basic Settings > DNS Proxy Settings > Local DNS Records.

We don’t have API and this is the available option for GPS forwarding.

Thank you.

Would that be per device like “BR1” or per Speed Fusion Hub. We have many clients that will want GPS Data for Fleet Management.

Can you further explain your requirement ?

Fleet management is the core feature for Peplink IC2. For more information, please refer to the URL below:


I want to know how I can export all the GPS string to each customer requesting the data to populate their own mapping servers.