GPS info to PLC

I have an Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC that I would like to pull the GPS coordinates of my Pepwave Max BR1 into. I have a couple of gateways in my enclosure that can be used, or simply through the LAN setup. Has anyone successfully polled or pushed GPS coordinate data into a PLC?

There is NEMA formatted location data available LAN side you migth be able to access with your PLC. See here.

We should also ask “Mr Scada” @joshv for his input here too.


Unfortunately, I cannot script in Python from within the PLC environment that I am using. I have reached out to Rockwell, and they confirm, no Python availability. I did find a method of managing a server socket, but that is erroring. I see in your posts that the port you are using is 60660. Is this specific? Can I set the port to any integer in the GPS forwarding selection page on the Pepwave UI?

Yes - rather unlikely.

yes you should be able to use ‘Open Sockets’ on the PLC to open the LAN side port of 60660 on the peplink device (this is hardcoded).

The GPS forwarding section is another approach to this where the router sends GPS data continuously to a ‘GPS server’.

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