GPS info forwarding

I see that my Max Transit can forward GPS information to a host on the internet. Does anyone know of a place that might have already built out the infrastructure to plot it on a map so others can tell where we are? I currently use a phone based GPS tracker currently but that phone is probably going away this summer and would prefer it not be dependent on a phone being left in the RV as now the pepwave is always in it.

Thanks, Bill


I used to host a Traccar server for this don’t remember being very happy with it - seem to think I thought it was a lot of effort.

Interesting, I see they support some cradlepoint devices. No pepwave, peplink or transit devices are listed. I will keep looking. Thanks for that info. I wasn’t thinking anyone is doing this, but appears there are many companies out there. Now to find one that works with what I have without reinventing the wheel. -Bill

They all support generic nema or TAIP devices you can use to show Peplink position data.

I just installed gpsgate which is nice, and got a HD4 to send its position to it.

It too uses a generic TAIP driver to show the Pepwave position.

I would also recommend gpsgate.

I looked at gpsgate, they have a 25 device minimum which I could not see till I setup an account. That was mentioned in the subsequent email. I only need something for one device, so $75 a month is a bit steep for a pauper like me. I setup an account at but I think that site may be abandoned as their support email address bounces. Anything available for a very small setup?

Thanks, Bill

I’m running gpsfate on a windows PC at home. Its free for 5 devices.

Which device did you pick? I do not see a generic TAIP choice, lots of “generic”'s I guess the pepwave’s aren’t considered main stream enough to be in that very long list of devices. -Bill


I am running into issues getting my device to report to gpsgate. Can you provide any assistance