GPS in the BR1 M2M


The BR1 M2M is missing out on not having GPS built in. We have a customer who needs the serial port and GPS at a BR1 price point.
Does anyone else see a benefit to adding GPS to the M2M?


The BR1 slim may meet your requirements. You would need to wire up the terminal ports on it compared to just plugging in a serial port but this meets the GPS, and serial requirements and price requirements.


I think this is a good idea…

“As a developer of M2M solutions, given that most M2M solutions are geographically disparate, I want to be able to access the location of an endpoint device using the InControl API so that I can incorporate this data into front-ends I build for Customers”.

It’s a +1 from me.


Thanks, @James_Webster - I’ll give one a spin. It does seem a curious omission from the BR1 M2M: I’ll bet the radio has a GPS receiver built-in…


There’s a large difference on the MSRP for these two devices - the Slim is 50% more expensive and there is the extra work to cable in the serial port.
I will suggest it to my customer and report the feedback.


Hi @James_Webster.
I tested the Slim as you suggested and it does tick all the boxes, apart from the price - being significantly more expensive will pose a problem for this Customer.
Thanks very much for the suggestion, though.