GPS Forwarding to Global Broadcast IP

I hope this isn’t a repeat question. Is there any way possible to forward GPS data to the global broadcast IP - Typically we wouldn’t need this, but we’re hitting an issue where a particular business unit needs to use SpeedFusion VPN which means unique LAN networks, which means I can’t just have them use the global config because each network broadcast IP would be different. Most of our vehicles have all the exact same LAN so it’s easy enough to put that particular broadcast IP into the bulk config and push it out.

If I could either forward GPS to the global broadcast, OR variabalize the GPS Forwarding IP and change it through the IP Settings field like I do my LAN IP that would literally solve the last problem I’m having with this deployment.

Thanks a ton for any advice!

Hi John

Not always… look at virtual network mapping that might be a fix or SpeedFusion NAT profiles, all remote LANs can use the same subnet.

The web ui accepts as a valid destination for GPS forwarding on a MAX. Have you tried it?

Thanks for the response, Martin!

I hadn’t thought about NATing across the tunnel but I’ll see if that would alleviate me from having to use unique LANs.

As for, I tried it and did not see any GPS data hitting the tablet. Perhaps a bug?

Thanks again!!

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Okay fantastic! virtual network mapping works flawlessly. Now I can just use the same LAN from bulk config and send to the broadcast of that network for GPS. Now the last piece: how do I automate the virtual network setting? Is there a variable that I can use in the IP Settings CSV that I was previously using to set a unique LAN?


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Hmm. If there is I can’t see it… @Michael might be able to advise if we can automate virtual network mapping configuration via IC2 or not currently… seems to me a new column in device ip settings csv would be a good approach.

@John_Broussard what about NAT mode for the VPN profile? that wouldn’t need any additional config if it was a fit for your needs - just a profile setting change.

OMG OKAY I’m so close now lol. I didn’t know where the NAT mode for VPN was at first but just found it and this solves ALL of my problems.

The only caveat is that now that I have that enabled, I’m not receiving the static route that I put into the hub on the peer. I have a static route in the hub that was previously redistributing into OSPF to the peers. Now the only route in the table is that of the hub’s DHCP server subnet. Any ideas?

You have NO idea how much I appreciate the assistance!!

OK, so since you are in NAT mode OSPF routes don’t get advertised to the remote peer as they get a local IP, so you need a different way to tell the remote peer to send traffic destined for over the tunnel. Create an outbound policy of enforced source any destination route via your NAT PepVPN.

Suggest you create that putbound policy in IC2 (rather than locally on the device) and push it down to the remote peers as central management of it will likely be useful.

No worries Glad to help.

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Genius!!! Outbound policy works flawlessly. We’re 100% ready to go now.

Thank you so much!!

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