GPS Forwarding/tablet connect

Wanting to connect a Tablet without GPS to GPS on the Pepwave via wifi. To Use a proprietary software on the tablet for GPS destination routing such as CoPilot (truckingRV industry). Ive read some posts on Pepwave GPS forwarding which include discussion about additional connection software/driver-type requirments. Confusing. Is there a plug-and-play solution for what I want, or additional step by step setup instructions?

Nothing plug and play that is free that Iā€™m aware of. Last time I did this I think I created a virtual serial port with com0com and then connected it to the remote MAX device on TCP 60660 with com2tcp.
There is a manual here for those utils.

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For what its worth - I just downloaded this to test and it worked great. Its a commercial product (no affiliation)

Here were my settings (i had no physical serial ports on my PC so could use COM1 as a virtual port).