GPS data retention

Hi there…

how long are retained GPS data? IOW, how far in the past can I go? one week? one month? year? no limit?

thank you


Currently GPS data are kept for one year.

Hi, sorry to rewamp this topic…

I see that in IC2 I can’t go back in the past more than 30 days…
I refer to all datas available in Report section

for example today, oct. 4th, I can’t extract data from 01/09/2016 to 30/09/2016

the same if I try via IC2 API, even if I give the desired date…

is it a bug? a feature? I need to programmatically extract reports on month basis, and so I need to have full month available… is it feasible?


Sorry, currently the system only keeps 31 days of reporting data. We are working on keeping the data longer. Stay tuned.