GPS coordination info on logs


We are thinking on new apps based on MAX BR1 devices.
It will be interesting if GPS coordination info appears when a certain event happens at the moment.

Like, for example:

[TABLE=“class: grid, width: 500”]

Client or Cliente MAC

09/10/2015 9:21:00
[TABLE=“width: 242”]
Avinguda d’Alacant, 27, 25001 Lleida, Lleida, Spain

41.61408, 0.63425


Time synchronization successful

09/10/2015 9:10:00
device 11
Avinguda del Pla d’Urgell, 20, 25001 Lleida, Lleida, Spain
Client disconnected from LleidaBusWIFI (2.4 GHz) (

Fri, Oct 09 09:03:45

41.61403, 0.634153 (Sep 17 12:17)
Client connected from LleidaBusWIFI (2.4 GHz)

Fri, Oct 30 19:30:07
Device is online


With this positions we will know where (in which bus stop) are getting on more people, where get off people who get on certain bus stops…

Thanks in advance,

Thanks for your suggestion. Actually we are working on such feature! Stay tuned. :smiley:

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Would also be great for reception trouble shooting!
Would also be nice to have to option to turn off address been displayed in InControl2 and just show the coordinates - yachts are our main clients and sometimes the address showed are 10 miles away at the nearest point to shore!

We are going to introduce cellular signal reports soon. It will display charts of cellular WANs’ signal strength/quality vs time. Map integration is also in our road map.

Thanks for your feedback. We will add an option not to display an address.

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Hi Michael,

do you have any update for this feature??


Hi Aroa,

The cellular reports has been released to “mars”. If you click the bell icon in organization residing on “mars”, you will see the announcement.

The Reports > Cellular Reports menu item is available in device level if your device is with a cellular WAN and is running firmware 6.3 beta or above.

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thanks Michael!
I saw Cellular Reports, but I haven’t seen GPS coordinates in this reports… only day, hours, strength and quality of cellular signal…

I am asking you about GPS coordination info on event logs…

Hi Aroa,

  1. Indicating cellular signals on the map shall be available in Q1.

  2. We added GPS coordinates to the CSV file of the event logs, as well as the API. Displaying the coordinate on the event log table will be available later.

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nice Michael!
and sorry! I hadn’t seen CSV files… Thanks!

Hi Aroa,

If you under InControl2’s group level, please scroll down to the bottom (Event Log) > More… > Scroll down to the bottom > Download as CSV.

If you under InControl2’s device level > Event Log > Download as CSV.

Hope this help.

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