GPS Coordinates to feed an iPad

I would like to enable my iPad (WIFI Only) with GPS coordinates (so that my iPad can be used with Gaia GPS maps as an example). There are external GPS receivers that do the trick (Dual XGPS, Bad Elf).

As my Max Transit Duo records coordinates, is there a way to leverage the info to enable GPS on my iPad?

2nd question: the Max transit Duo GPS coordinates can be used to track the location of the vehicle (e.g. in case of a theft, etc.)? What is the easiest way to display the location (user friendly interface)?

Thanks in advance for the response.

InControl 2 is the easiest way to view tracking (

Ever figure this out ?
on my old verizon mifi all I had todo was check an option to pass through gps data, then my Wi-Fi only devices would see their location. Seems more complicated on pepwave.