GPS alerts for unexpected movement

I have a MAX BR1 with GPS installed in a camper trailer. It would be great to be able to be notified if the trailer moves unexpectedly (such as being stolen). Is there any way to setup some sort of alert (email, SMS, push notification, etc.) if the GPS indicates it has moved? I don’t see anything in the web console for the router or via InControl2 (web or iOS app). And hopefully there is some easy way to toggle this feature so it can be turned on when the trailer is parked and turned off when I’m towing the trailer.

Might this do the trick:


Thanks for pointing that out. I didn’t see the Geo-Fencing setting for the group. While this can be made to work it is not very convenient in my case. It would be far better if a geofence could be setup for a specific device and the fence could be defaulted to its current location. I’ll see about posting an enhancement request.

Limiting a fence to apply to one (or more) specific devices is achieved by identifying the fence with device tag(s), and then attach those tags only to the devices you wish to track:

You still have to click on a map to establish where and what kind of fence (it defaults to the address of the group, I think).

Not fully what you wanted, but close, I’d say.



I only have one device so the group level geo-fence with or without tags can be made to work in my case. It’s just extra work every time to find my current location on a map that always defaults to an irrelevant group location. The reason I am looking for a device specific geo-fence is I was hoping there was a way to get the geo-fence to default to the device’s current location. My use case is very different than a typical fleet of devices in a group.