GPIO Brown Wire for First Responders

We would like to place a feature request to Peplink for an upcoming firmware update.

We understand that the GPIO Brown wire can detect high or low voltage and has not been implemented yet.

We would request the ability to tie that to a patrol vehicle light bar output (12v dv) so that the status of the vehicle’s emergency equipment can be determined through InControl.

This would allow us to correlate the AVL Track data speed with the status of the emergency response equipment.

Another use case for officer safety would be to tie that Brown wire IO into a momentary 12v switch, such as a silent emergency switch. Ergo, if the Peplink detected a high on that output, have the ability to send a notification.

In this scenario, if an officer was in duress, they could press the button, and the InControl could signal in the dashboard which is monitoring the AVL locations in our dispatch center.

Those are just a couple options, but having the ability to detect high/low on that input and relate to notifications or data in the dashboard would be a great value add feature!


@PeterWest Which model you are using? From my MBX, you have GPIO settings under Advanced. Can see below capture for reference:

In brief, when the digital input detects high/low as a state change, there will be an event trigger both on the device and IC2. Then you can use the event to achieve the desired solution.

@Ricardas can help to follow up with you and the setup.