Google Fi Configuration

I’ve read through the posts on Google Fi support but can’t find a clear answer.

How do you configure the Max BR1 Mini LTE to work with a Google Fi Data Only Sim?

I’ve added h2g2 APN, enabled roaming and tried about every configuration possible. I’ve reset the unit to factory and tried everything again.

I’m located in Seattle and have good cell phone coverage.

I’m running 8.0.0s061 build 3484

Any help and guidance is appreciated!

I don’t have one on hand to test, but I believe the network has to be set to T-Mobile.

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Hello @robertgreen1,
In addition to @JasonHilton suggestion, here are another two:

  • Upgrade the Firmware to the latest version (at time of posting 8.1.0)
  • Go to the “support.cgi” page and check that the cellular modem chipset is upgraded to the laters available version

There are lots of posts already here in the forum on how to do both of these. In addition, if you have brought your device from a Certified Peplink Partner, they also will be able to assist you with this.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ll try both of these items today.

Uggh - neither of these actions have worked. I’ve updated to the latest firmware (8.1), but now the Pepwave device says “SIM not found” and I’ve tried multiple SIMs. I was able to go to support.cgi page and download the diagnostic report. I can’t verify the cellular modem firmware as I get an error “no connection.” I think it might be time to open a support ticket. I purchased device from the 5G store

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Did you follow the sim card activation sequence that is described in the booklet using the codes imprinted on the simcard cutout? Even though you obtained the sim card through your own account in their portal its not fully activated yet, this last step still must be done to fully activate the sim card. This part threw me for a loop the first time activating one as well. What also made it confusing was that in unactivated state T-Mobile would show as being “connected” but not pass data.

Thanks Eric - do you mean activate the SIM cards with the providers? Yep. I’ve tried 4 different SIM cards and went through the provider activations as required.

  1. My current T-Mobile SIM card I use in my phone.
  2. New line T-Mobile SIM card - Activated and verified it works in my phone as well.
  3. Google Fi Sim Card - Activated and verified it works in my phone as well.
  4. Google Fi Data Only SIM card - Activated, but haven’t verified via my phone yet.

Is there another activation required on the Peplink device?

OK…no, based on your description it sounds like you have done the needful in terms of activating the SIM cards. I suggested making sure they were active because when I first setup Google Fi Data-Only SIM I assumed it was pre-activated based on my requesting it through the Google Fi web-portal. I didnt realize it until an hour+ of screwing around that is needs to be activated.

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