Getting with pep wave

How do I set up my Pep Wave? Do I need an ISP? Where do I find instructions?

Which model do you have on hand? Our devices are known to be very easy to setup. But if need a hand on fitting our equipemnt in your existing network, please feel free to talk a local specialist.

Hi Lonnie,
If you’re just looking for 3G load balancing you don’t need a specialist ISP, depending on the model you just need a couple of 3G data sims and/or USB dongles (HD2 can use 2 data sims and 1 USB dongle, MAX 700 can use 4 USB dongles).

As Kurt says, setup of the Pepwave MAX is really easy - they have a beautiful web interface that makes initial configuration straight forward.

I’d be happy to help you with your initial configuration either online here in the forum or offline via email or you can find someone more local to you to support you.

Whereabouts in the world are you? What MAX model are you thinking of?