Getting remote access to a Mikrotik behind Balance 305 in drop-in mode

I just installed a 305 with 2 cable modems attached. I have a Mikrotik router behind the 305. Everything is working fine (or seems to be, but I cannot monitor the Mikrotik from outside the network). I need to create the rules, access, etc to allow me to use the Mikrotik Winbox interface to access the Mikrotik router. The Winbox GUI uses port 8291. I have been unable to get the 305 configured properly for this. Any suggestions or config advice would be greatly appreciated.



  1. Since you have configured B305 as Drop-in, please ensure modem in front B305 has proper Port Forwarding configured and no blocking for port 8291.

  2. Please ensure port 8291 is not block by Inbound Firewall rule in B305. Network > Access Rules > Inbound Firewall Rules.

The router is basically clean and has no rules other than default.


Hi Shane,

Can you share your diagram with IP address (Of course you no need to put original IP address, I assume Mikrotik, B305 and modem having public IP)?

Are you able to ping modem, B305 and Mikrotik public from internet?

Found the issue and it is now working. Thanks!

same issue in here. my mikrotik ip connected to WAN 3 is and peplink 380’s WAN 3 ip address is ping is OK, but still can’t connect via winbox

  1. This is your connectivity?

PC —> (LAN) Balance 380 (WAN3, —> ( Mikrotik router —> Internet

  1. Are you ping from PC that located at LAN of Balance 380? Please refer the connectivity in question 1 above.