Getting local address for client when connecting to surf soho via OpenVPN

I am running a webserver on ports 443 and 80, behind my surf soho. The web server is running great with one caveat. In my server, I am running wordpress, and I have configured my server to only allow a wordpress login page to appear when accessing the server from a client that is also local and behind the surf soho. For those trying to access the web login page outside of my local network, they will get a 403 error.

NOW, what I am trying to accomplish, is to get a “Local” ip when tunneling to my surf soho from an outside network, in order to “trick” my webserver into thinking that I am on the local network, thus allowing me to access my local login page remotely, and securely.

So far, I have been able to configure a basic openvpn setup, and am successfully able to connect to my surf soho via OpenVPN from an outside network. However, after connected to my surf soho via openvpn, I still get a 403 access denied error when trying to log into my local server, as If I am not part of the local network.

Lets say my Surf Soho is located at, and my web server is located at It was my understanding of OpenVPN server on surf soho, that, If I connected to the surf as a client, I would automatically be assigned an IP address that is local to the surf soho such as If this was true, then I assume I would just be able to connect to my web server access page no problem. So apparently my understanding of how the Surf Soho assigns Ip addresses to remote clients over OPENVPN, is Incorrect.

So what, exactly do I have to do to get my client computer from an outside network to access the local network via an OpenVPN tunnel? How can I “trick” my webserver into thinking that my non-local client, is actually local and trying to access the web login page locally?

Could any one out there possibly help walk me through this a bit and help me grasp a better understanding of ip assignments and tunneling via the surf soho server? Any tips, config screenshots, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!