Getting error while setting read-only user password in Fusionhub

I am getting this error while adding a new password for read only user account in Fusionhub “You are not allowed to set the Web Admin Access as LAN Only if LAN connection method is “None”.”

But there is not option in the screen to select either LAN or WAN. Please see the attached screenshot!

Have you tried setting that option through InControl?

My guess is that the error message is really saying - “I disabled configuration changes through the admin console because I am set to check InControl for all configurations” - i.e. lan access to write to admin website has been removed. Typically, with locally managed devices (no InControl), there is a security option for which interfaces have access to the administration website - it is an option choice with LAN, WAN, LAN and WAN. My assumption is that InControl wants to manage that option.

What is strange is that usually ALL of the options are hidden when InControl is managing a device – it is usually just a blank page that says - “Device configuration controlled by InControl”

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Dear Jmjones,

Thanks for your reply.

From incontrol device settings I enabled - manage web admin and CLI , then
I was able to add read-only user via in-control and pushed to the device.

Thank you,

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