Get DHCP Clients using SNMP


I use our peplink to manage the IPs and names of most devices on our network. Rather than maintain a separate list of IPs and names and try to synchronize them, I would like to directly download the current list of DHCP reservation device IPs and names from our balance 305. The current SNMP MIB doesn’t allow me to do this.

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Ben Adams


You can change the DHCP reservation list in CSV format view and actually you can download/upload the DHCP reservation list from there. Please refer to the attached screenshot.

Thank You

Hello Sitloongs. Thanks for responding.

I would like to access the current list of DHCP reservations programmatically, not manually via the webpage. That’s why I’d like to be able to read the DHCP reservations using SNMP. This way I can automate the process using a script.


+1 for this request from us also.